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Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace

an incredible true story of faith, family, and a journey toward seemingly impossible forgiveness. A story that tests the limits of the human heart, it’s ultimately a life-affirming testament to how unconditional love and relentless obedience can transform even the darkest nights into mornings of hope.

Interviews & Podcasts from the Author

Parker J Cole Show

A child disappears . . A foster mom faces an impossible choice . . A baby’s future hangs in the balance

Unshakable Hope Podcast

Deb shares her story of heartache and fierce forgiveness, all while illuminating the miracle of God’s  power and love.

God Be With Us

Video Interview with Debra Moerke at Highland Park Community Church, Casper WY. 

My Country Mornings Interview

Doc and Prairie Wife interview author Debra Moerke. She shares her story about her experiences with foster care.

Interview with Janet Parshall

A story that tests the limits of the heart and how obedience can transform the darkest of nights into mornings of hope.

Beth Bruno Interview

The incredible true story of a foster mom, a murdered foster child, and forgiveness and redemption for the accused.

Shauna Letellier Interview

The incredible story on how I Learned about “Murder, Motherhood & Miraculous Grace”

Interview with Jordan Raynor

Jena Viviano (Career Strategist) + Debra Moerke (Author of Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace) PODCAST.

Mary Flichtner Interview
True Stories of Cowgirl Courage with Mary Fichtner: Murder, Motherhood, Miraculous Grace and More with guest Deb Moerke
A Womens Heart With Lisa Granger

Miraculous Grace in the Face of the Unthinkable – with Debra